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Almaty, Kazakhstan

OLX Kazakhstan and Homsters.kz join forces to create market-leading player in the new-home space

As part of the deal Homsters.kz, one of the leading marketplaces connecting new-home buyers with property developers and banks in Kazakhstan, will be integrated with one of the largest online classifieds sites, OLX.kz. Combining the reach of OLX.kz with the Homsters.kz platform and technology creates a very strong player in the new-home segment, spanning over 60% of all real estate transactions in Kazakhstan.


“The partnership of OLX.kz with Homsters.kz brings massive benefits to all stakeholders in the real estate market. As one of the leading online classifieds sites, OLX.kz attracts over 9 million unique users monthly, and every second internet user visits olx.kz at least once per month. From now on these users will gain access to top-class assistance in making one of the most stressful and complex purchases they face: choosing a new development and mortgage loan. From the other side – developers and banks cooperating with Homsters will gain access to a massive audience, which undoubtably will result in growing sales and decreasing customer acquisition costs.” said Maria Ren, co-founder of Homsters, the global prop-tech company which owns and operates Homsters.kz marketplace.


The Kazakhstan real estate market is dominated by new developments, which make up over 60% of all transactions. Homsters.kz was launched in 2015 as an online marketplace, simplifying the process of purchasing a new home and choosing a mortgage loan. It is estimated that before the deal, over 15% of all new-home purchases in the country were initiated on the Homsters marketplace. By integrating Homsters.kz as OLX’s new development section, the partners aim to facilitate over 30% of all transactions in the segment through 2019. They will also continue to increase market share, becoming the go-to-place for new-home buyers and the preferred customer acquisition channel for property developers.


“With 152,000 transactions per month, OLX.kz is already today one of the leading e-commerce platforms in Kazakhstan. At the same time new-home purchase is one of the biggest and most important transactions each of our users will face at some point in their lives, which is why it was so critical for us to give them an opportunity to complete this purchase within the OLX family. From now on, through our partnership with Homsters.kz, our users will see a “new home section” where they will not only find information about over 800 new development projects, but also receive best-in-class, highly automated assistance in the purchase process,” says Marina Kim, General Manager of OLX.kz.


Going forward, the OLX.kz and Homsters.kz teams will further improve integrations between the two platforms, in order to maximize user experience and synergies between the two companies and their teams.


About Homsters.kz


Homsters.kz is one of the leading marketplaces connecting new home buyers with property developers and banks in Kazakhstan. It is owned and operated by a global prop-tech company: Homsters operates its own new-home verticals, and helps global online classifieds and property portals tap into an additional revenue pool by giving them a SaaS solution for the new development segment. The Homsters data-driven platforms drive real estate and mortgage transactions by utilizing each user’s behavioral statistic, to create a personalized experience and self-improving marketing campaigns. Homsters operates platforms on 5 markets and is rapidly expanding its global presence.


About OLX.kz

OLX.kz – one of the leading ad services in Kazakhstan:

• about 9 million people visit the platform every month;

• on average, every second a new ad appears on the site;

• every second Kazakhstan citizen visits OLX at least once a month.


OLX.kz is part of OLX Group, a global product and tech company which operates a network of market-leading trading platforms in over 40 countries. With more than 350 million monthly users worldwide, OLX Group makes it fast and easy to buy and sell almost anything online, such as household goods, phones, cars and houses. Through consumer brands including Avito, dubizzle, letgo, OLX, and many dozen others, we estimate that 16.5 million things are exchanged on its apps and platforms every single month.