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Gender diversity @ OLX Group

A message fromĀ OLX Group CEO, Martin Scheepbouwer:


“As CEO of OLX Group, I’m proud of the company we have built. But, that’s not to say there isn’t work to do.


Like many tech companies, we’ve realised that our workforce must be just as diverse as our customer base. Our success as a business depends on it. However, making that into reality is a big task that isn’t going to happen overnight. It has to be taken one sure-footed step at a time.


We’re a big company and that makes us lucky, because we’re already diverse in lots of interesting ways. Diverse in our cultures, our professional backgrounds, and our wide range of nationalities. Of course, there are lots of other ways we should strive to be just as inclusive and varied.


We’ve chosen to start by taking action on gender diversity. We’re addressing hiring gaps, and pay gaps where they exist. We’re making unconscious bias a training priority for all of our managers. And, we’re making diversity hire commitments that will take us beyond what our competitors are doing. Underpinning all our efforts will be data, helping us set clear and measurable goals that we can be held to task for. It’s challenging – but also hugely exciting.


I’m also happy to admit that this activity didn’t start at the top, but at ‘grass roots’ level. Due to the efforts of my female colleagues, diversity and inclusion was pushed up the agenda through their commitment and sheer determination. OLX Group prides itself on being an open organisation that empowers individuals to make a difference. So I want to thank all of them for their truly inspiring leadership. They are great examples to us all.


Part of genuine, meaningful change, is acknowledging that there is a problem in the first place. Inequality isn’t an issue that’s limited to us – but it’s our responsibility to make sure that our company is the best workplace it can be, and one that’s right for everyone.”


Martin Scheepbouwer CEO