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Berlin, Germany

Follow the technologist: Füsun Wehrmann

Our businesses couldn’t run without our technologists. They do an amazing job of building the stuff we use every day!

Our Group CEO Martin has been spending time with some of our tech leaders, to learn how each of them likes to work and what makes them tick.

This video shows Füsun Wehrmann, VP of Engineering at our Tech Hub in Berlin. Füsun is, in Martin’s words, “a corporate freedom fighter” who loves to change things up! Rather than telling her team what to do, Füsun believes a good leader brings energy to the business. Freedom and autonomy – along with a little bit of structure – are what make a system work best.

Like the whole of OLX Group, Füsun’s priority is the user and getting them what they want. Ultimately the job is all about developing solutions – not products. We couldn’t agree more. Watch the video for the full interview!