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Gurgaon, India

Aagey Badho, OLX’s New Mantra for Progressing in Life

New Delhi, 26th July, 2017

OLX, India’s number one classifieds, has launched a new advertising campaign that will be run across television, radio, cinema and digital mediums in the coming weeks. The campaign bears the punchline ‘OLX Karo, Aagey Badho’, and establishes the significance of OLX for fulfilling one’s dreams, and moving forward in life.

The campaign revolves around a ubiquitous life-truth – Progress. It drives home the point that progress is a journey, and not a destination. At every life-stage people acquire new things and move on from some others, and this cycle is endless because their aspirations are insatiable. The title ‘Aagey Badho’ aptly captures the maxim that life is never completely sorted, and one must continue to make progress – ‘move on’ – in line with the changing phases of life.

Said Irwin Preet Singh Anand, COO and Marketing Head, OLX India, “The campaign is built on the back of emerging consumer insights derived from understanding a generation that believes in #YOLO (you only live once) and has #FOMO (fear of missing out). These trends indicate that young Indians have unquenchable aspirations, and a continuous desire for new experiences. The campaign aims to highlight the brand as a preferred partner in the hustle and bustle of chasing life’s endless aspirations.”

The campaign comes on the heels of the ‘6 Months Break-Up Challenge’, OLX’s previous brand campaign that urged people to sell things they had not used in six months. While that campaign pushed people to identify things they were not using, the current campaign urges people to sell and buy continuously to smoothly transition from one life-stage to another.

The TVC is sprinkled with colloquial references, which is why the phrase ‘life set hai’, comes up repeatedly in the Ad. The campaign builds on the brand imagery established in the last two campaigns – the ‘All New OLX App’ and the‘6 Months Break-Up Challenge’. Just as those two campaigns, Aagey Badho also speaks directly to the young, aspiring, and tech-savvy millennial generation. The TVC has been released in seven languages – Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, Marathi, Kannada and Hinglish.

Conceptualized by creative agency Enormous Brands, the TVC campaign focuses on both the buyer and the seller, highlighting the ease and the convenience of the hyper simple buying and selling experience on the platform.

Said Ashish Khazanchi, Managing Partner, Enormous Brands, “For us the key insight was that whenever people interact with OLX, it is a sign of them moving on from their station in life. It is not merely about selling or buying physical goods. It is about moving forward. Whether you are using the platform for easier access to your desired purchases while buying, or selling stuff to move on ahead in life, interacting with OLX is all about enrichment of a person’s life. The brand therefore exhorts the viewer to ‘OLX karo, aagey badho’. This is the plank that also allows us to talk to the buyers as well as the sellers with a singularity of purpose.”


Campaign Credits


Irwin Preet Singh Anand, COO and Marketing Head, OLX India

Abhishek Upadhyay, Brand Head, OLX India

Nisheeth Srivastava, Creative Lead, OLX India

Agency Name: Enormous Brands

Creative Team: Ashish Khazanchi, Abhishek Chaswal, Khurram Haque, Umesh Grover and Sayak Basu

Director: Hemant Bhandari

Production House: Chrome Productions

TVC Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vARN4RiTnDU

The ‘OLX Karo Aagey Badho’ campaign has a young urban individual as its protagonist, and highlights his journey through different stages of life.  The film opens with a flashback of his childhood, where he is playing with his toy airplane, dreaming of becoming a pilot, when his father intervenes and tells him that if he does engineering then his life will be set.

In the next scene, the boy is studying in college, when he glances at a boy exercising, displaying his fit body. The boy imagines that having a great body will make him a success in college, and his life would be set. He immediately uses the OLX App to buy gym equipment.

The next shot shows the boy exercising using the gym equipment when he suddenly spots a mobile phone hoarding and thinks that if he had that phone then his life would be set. When he is clicking a selfie with his new phone, he sees a group of boys on cool motorbikes riding past him, and he wishes he had one too. He then manages to buy one from OLX.

The next scene cuts to the present, where his partner is redecorating their room, and looks at his gym equipment he had bought in college, and remarks how it would be great if it weren’t kept where it was. The boy finally realises that “Life kabhi set nahi hoti”.

He clicks a photo of the gym equipment, and uploads it on OLX. The screen lights up with a shot of the new OLX App. The TVC ends with ‘Life is never set. So, keep buying anything, keep selling anything’ with the boy saying ‘OLX Karo Aagey Badho’ in the last frame.