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Diversity & Inclusion

Our mission is to turn Diversity & Inclusion into a company superpower and a strategic competitive advantage.

We believe that a diverse workforce in an inclusive culture can unlock the value of our people where everyone can be their best.

Our company purpose for OLX Group is to shape the future of trade and unlock the hidden value of everything. Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) is a key enabler in unlocking the hidden value of our people. As such D&I has truly become part of our company identity and this is why our logo is D&I is our ID.

With more than 10,000 people working across five continents, our workforce is composed of people from more than 75 nationalities and represents untold numbers of distinct cultures. We know this is only the beginning.

As we strengthen OLX Group through building a diverse workforce and inclusive workplace, we become better at developing user experiences that our customers love, and making better business decisions in solving the right customer problems.

D&I our ID

Our journey so far…

We care about D&I because it is a strategic business imperative. Participation comes from all functional areas around the globe from all levels:

  • A global cross-functional executive D&I Council to sponsor and take accountability for this strategic initiative.
  • Local and regional D&I Committees in over 20 countries to activate and manage local inclusion initiatives.
  • Collaborative initiatives to intentionally apply a “D&I lens” on global HR processes across the full employee lifecycle: hiring, developing, rewarding, and overall employee experience.
  • Employee advocacy groups for under-represented employee populations to ensure employee belonging.

Working together, these teams and groups collaborate to ensure all employees are able to engage and contribute to a company where everyone belongs and can be at their best. Together we are aligned to make progress in diversifying our workforce through global practices. We create an inclusive workplace across the company by measuring inclusion, leading interventions, and improving policies and practices at both local and global levels.

We are strategically and operationally aligned cross-functionally by means of specific objectives and key results (OKRs) in order to drive alignment, hold ourselves accountable, and measurable progress across the company.

Becoming more diverse & inclusive doesn’t happen overnight – at OLX Group we are all committed to our D&I journey for the long haul.

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